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Hat by Weekday




We can always rely on Scandi brand Weekday to serve up some solid additions to your wardrobe and this season is no different. Expect clean denim and high-quality basics in organic cotton and the freshest colors.


Just give it a quick wipe to cleanFor all-day-everyday ease


Cotton twillRibbed, diagonal patternSlightly structured, very versatile

Main: 100% Cotton

In Weekday Ecru Bucket Weekday Hat qqAwH6t

Identifying sources of potential harm to patients is UMC’s highest priority. Detecting and communicating signals of such harm lies at the heart of pharmacovigilance.

Detecting signals

Signal detection aims to identify and describe suspected harm to patients, caused by their use of medicines. The evidence comes primarily in the form of spontaneous reports from health professionals across the world, from pharmaceutical companies and some from patients. Signal detection is a core UMC activity.

What is a signal?

Signal detection at UMC

With the unique resource of VigiBase, signal detection is a top priority for UMC's multidisciplinary team.

UMC's signal detection process

Caveat Document

Weekday Weekday Ecru Hat In Bucket Issues relating to the tentative nature of data underlying signals and to data protection matters

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Review panel

Meet the experts who support the UMC's signal detection process

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UMC's Signal presents medicine safety signals derived from information available in VigiBase.

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